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Our Story

The story of NiStar is one of long lasting love between spirit and matter.

An extraordinary union between soul, heart and hand.

Each of our ideas begins with a dream which is passed in from artist to craftsman, from vision to implementation.

Our business is built on 35 years of diamond and jewelry manufacturing experience with our newly developed diamond shapes, innovative jewelry designs and state-of-the-art technology processes, protected by the US and international patents.

Each jewel in this collection is as perfect as it is beautiful and receives individual care by a very high professional team throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We are members of professional trade associations including the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association ISDMA and the Jewelry Manufacturers Association IJMA. These associations as well as monitor our website and advertising content for ethical and truthful business practices, keep us in the front line of the exciting jewelry world.

As a regular synagogue attendee, we are always looking for something new and impressive to display. When I returned from Israel with a Magen David NiStar pendant, I became the star of the congregation, we were all fascinated by the combinations that this jewel can create.
-Israel Duek-

Israel Duek

My dilemma in choosing the right present for my elderly mother was solved when I bought her the NiStar necklace with its amazing versatility. All her friends and relatives were simply overwhelmed by its aesthetic beauty and historical significance.
-David Horowitz-

David Horowitz

NiStar Pendant

My parents live in Israel, and I live in France. On their last visit, they gave me a gift in a beautiful box. I was breathless when I first saw the Magen David pendant. I also discovered that the pendant has many variations, and I can change the shapes anytime. It was wonderful! Thank you very much for making it. I'm so proud to go with it - wow! Everyone was amazed at it.


I just wanted to say WOW and thank you. I must say my pendant was gorgeous. I cannot stop looking at how beautiful it is. I have had so many compliments on the big Magen David with beautiful enamel blue color.I would recommend you to anybody for their jewelry purchase, and my husband already plans to buy your unique designs from you. Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You to all of you!
-Mary C.-

Mary C.

How it's Done

A unique combination of ideas, skills and expressions

We Are Original

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